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Tree Removal In Wigan

Do you need help to remove a tree in Wigan?

Look no further!

With over 20 years of experience with tree removal and tree felling, we can help you regardless of the difficulty.

We understand that you may not have the time to remove a tree yourself. Or that you may not have the knowledge and equipment to do it safely and correctly. Perhaps it just isn’t your favourite way to spend a weekend. 

We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to do it for you. And we enjoy the work! We can help you with a single tree or as many as you would like.

Not only that, but we perform the tree removal:




And professionally

Contact us to arrange a time for a non-binding and completely free inspection! 👍

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Safe and secure tree felling in Wigan

Why Remove A Tree?

There are many reasons why removing a tree is necessary or appropriate. Here are some of the most common ones:

The tree may have outgrown the space that it was planted in.

It may be encroaching on infrastructure like roads, powerlines, or buildings.

It may be obstructing the view from a balcony or patio.

It could be in the way of a new hedge or shrub.

The tree might be blocking the construction of a new building, a swimming pool, or a different use of the area.

It may be preventing the growth of surrounding plants or hedges.

The tree could be in poor health, posing a risk to buildings, infrastructure, people, and pets.

The tree could be infected by parasites, fungi, or insects.

It could have been damaged by strong winds or other natural elements.

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How Can We Assist You With Tree Removal In Wigan?

The initial step is normally to conduct a free and non-binding inspection, providing us with the opportunity to assess the tree (or trees) and the surroundings.

To schedule an inspection, please reach out to us and we’ll coordinate a convenient time! 👍

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Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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Following the inspection and understanding the assignment, we’ll furnish you with a written quote detailing the job’s cost, estimated completion time, and all other essential details.

In some cases, we can also provide a quote if you send us images or a video, accompanied by a brief job description.

We are also super flexible in how we do the work:

One option is that we fell the tree and leave it on the ground for you to manage.

Alternatively, we could cut the tree and branches into 30cm lengths, leaving you to handle the rest.

Or we could completely remove the tree, leaving only the stump behind.

Let us know your preferences, and we’ll tailor the job to your exact specifications. 👍

We can usually start immediately, or within a couple of days after we have an agreement in place.

Before finishing up, we ensure a thorough cleanup, leaving your property in good shape.

Our aim is to make the process as safe, professional, quick, and cost-effective for you as possible. We want you to be super happy, and we hope you’ll contact us the next time you need help. 👍

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How Do We Usually Fell Trees In Wigan?

We usually fell trees using either straight felling or sectional felling. The method used will depend on your situation. Here is a short explanation of both methods.

Straight Tree Felling In Wigan

Straight tree felling is the most common way to fell a tree. We do it by cutting the tree at the base of the trunk, and then allowing it to fall to the ground in a controlled manner.

In order to control how, where and when the tree falls to the ground, we need to create something called a hinge. 

In order to do that, we first make what is called a face notch (otherwise known as a directional notch). This notch is cut in the direction we want the tree to fall. The face notch should have an angle of around 60-70 degrees, and it should be cut into approximately 25% of the trunk’s width.

Next, we create what’s known as the back cut. It is a horizontal cut from the opposite side of the trunk, continuing almost up to the face notch. It’s important that we don’t cut all the way to the face notch, but instead leave about 2-4 cm uncut. This uncut part is the hinge.

Minimal effort is now needed for the tree to fall because it rests on the hinge. We can then make it fall in the desired direction using wedges, ropes, and slings.

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The key to preventing the tree from falling sideways or backwards lies in the face notch. This notch limits the tree’s options, ‘forcing’ it to fall only in the direction of the notch.

While straight tree felling is a straightforward and widely used method, it may not always be feasible to fell large trees this way in Wigan. Limited space often hinders the use of this method, as there might not be enough clearance for the tree to fall safely to the ground without risking damage to nearby infrastructure.

If space is restricted, then we will apply the sectional felling method.

Sectional Felling

Sectional felling is a more intricate way to fell a tree, and it typically takes longer to complete.

How is sectional felling done?

We can perform sectional felling in two ways: Climb up the tree (using safety equipment) and carry out the work from there, or do the work from a lift. The method we use will depend on the size of the tree, surrounding infrastructure, and potential hazards.

We start by cutting off the tree’s branches. Once there are no branches left, the next step is to cut off the top section of the tree. This section will usually be 1-2 metres long.

We can either lower this section to the ground in a controlled manner using ropes, or simply let it fall to the ground, depending on the circumstances.

Once this section is safely on the ground, we continue cutting, one section at a time. We do this until the entire tree is in sections on the ground.

Seksjonsfelling av tre i Oslo

This way, the entire tree will be cut into smaller sections, one piece at a time.

This felling method allows us to remove any tree, regardless of the available space.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost In Wigan?

These are the four main factors that influence the cost of tree felling:

The size of the tree.

Whether we have free access to the tree with crew and equipment.

Whether we perform straight or sectional felling.

Whether we remove the tree entirely, cut it into small pieces, or simply leave it.

Depending on these factors, the cost of felling a tree in Wigan will be:

Tree Size
Price (£)
Up to 5 metres 75 – 200
5 – 10 metres 100 – 300
10 – 15 metres 200 – 400
15 – 20 metres 300 – 600
20 – 25 metres 400 – 800
Over 25 metres 500 – 1,000
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Every job is unique, and specific factors may influence the pricing. Therefore, the above prices are intended to be indicative.

You can find more information about tree removal prices in Wigan here.

To offer you an exact quote, we either need to conduct an on-site inspection or review photos / videos of the job.

We provide a completely free site inspection – meaning, it won’t cost you a penny! 👍

Choose ‘Free Inspection’ below, fill out the form (it takes 20 seconds), and we’ll get in touch to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

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Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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We Also Do Stump Removal

Once the tree is felled, the tree stump remains.

Now, it’s up to you:

Would you prefer to keep the stump? Or would you like it removed?

If you want the stump removed, we can also help you with this. 👍

To remove a tree stump, we normally utilize a specialized machine called a stump grinder. Our stump grinder can handle any stump, regardless of the size or type of tree. This grinder will turn your stump into wood chips in no time.

Rimeligst Trefelling i Oslo

We typically grind the stump to around 30cm below ground level. We then fill the resulting hole with wood chips from the stump, topped with a layer of soil (or the natural top layer), creating a natural and flat finish.

For example, if the tree stump is in the middle of a lawn, we would add a top layer of soil, allowing new grass to flourish within just a few weeks.

If you would like a different filling material, just let us know.

Before we finish our work, we ensure a thorough cleanup, leaving the area tidy and well-maintained.

You can learn more about our Wigan stump removal service here.

And here are our prices for stump grinding in Wigan.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Ensuring safety is our top priority during tree removal, especially because of the inherent risks involved. Before starting the removal process, a thorough assessment of the tree and its surroundings is conducted in order to identify potential hazards. Based on this, we carefully choose an approach that we believe is the safest one.

When felling the tree, we adhere to what we deem to be safe working methods. To enhance safety and efficiency, we develop a comprehensive plan that identifies and mitigates potential hazards throughout the assignment. In addition to this, we employ a safety analysis to assess risks, reinforcing safety measures throughout our operations.

Kjapp Trefelling I Oslo

This method lets us fell trees with precision and safety, minimizing risks as much as possible.

Every member of our team is covered by both liability insurance and personal injury insurance, ensuring comprehensive protection. Moreover, we prioritize safety on every assignment, consistently using appropriate safety equipment.

You can find more information about tree removal in Wigan on our Google page.