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Price Of Tree Pruning In Wigan

These are the main factors that influence the cost of tree pruning in Wigan:

Amount of work: A key factor determining the price of tree pruning, is the number and size of the trees you want pruned. The greater the workload, the higher the cost.

Tree condition:  If the tree is in poor condition, old, or attacked by fungi or insects, the job may be more demanding, leading to a higher overall cost.

Potential hazards: If the tree’s branches hang over power lines, buildings, or other insfrastructure and pose a risk of causing damage, additional safety measures will be necessary. These can increase costs.

Ease of access: If we can easily access the trees with machinery and workers, we can do the work more quickly and efficiently. This will allow us to keep our prices lower.

Depending on this, these are our prices for tree pruning in Wigan:

Pris trepleie i Oslo
Tree Size Price (£)
Up to 5 metres 50 – 150
5 – 10 metres 75 – 200
10 – 15 metres 100 – 300
15 – 20 metres 150 – 400
20 – 25 metres 200 – 500
Over 25 metres 250 – 700

It is however important to clarify that each project is unique. There could be other circumstances that affect the cost, and as such, the prices in the table above are intended to be indicative.

To get an accurate quote, you have two options:

You can send us images or videos along with a brief description of the assignment, and in some cases, we may offer a price quote based on this information.

Alternatively, you can schedule an inspection where we will come to assess the trees you need assistance with. This inspection is free and non-binding.

After understanding the scope of the assignment, we will provide you with a written price quote. This quote will detail the cost of the work, describe the tasks to be carried out, provide a schedule, and include other important details.

You can then decide whether you want us to proceed with the work based on the provided quote (and inspection). If you’re not satisfied with our offer, that’s completely fine.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a suitable time for an inspection. Our inspections are completely free of charge and comes with zero obligations. 👍

019 4238 7170

Free Inspection

Free Inspection

Email Us

Email Us

If you need help with multiple trees, we can also offer you a bulk discount. 👍

If you want to know more about how we perform tree pruning, how we can assist you, our focus on safety (and more), you find more information on our page dedicated to tree pruning in Wigan.

Additionally, you will find more information about prices for tree pruning in Wigan on our Google page.