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The Price Of Hedge Trimming In Wigan

Our price for trimming a hedge in Wigan depends on these factors:

Hedge size: Bigger hedges require more work to trim, which results in higher costs.

Extent of trimming: If you want us to trim only one side of a hedge, it will be cheaper than doing both. Additional services, like lowering the top, will also impact the price.

Hedge health: If the hedge is in poor health (for example fighting an insect or fungi infestation), it may require more caution. The required increased safety measures can raise costs.

Hedge type: A hedge made up of robust evergreen needles will be quicker to trim and require less care than one made up of small and delicate leaves.

Hedge shape: Shaping a hedge into a specific geometric shape or pattern takes more skill and time than a simple trimming. This will ultimately result in higher costs.

Accessibility: We can keep the cost lower if we have easy access to your hedge with our personnel and machines.

Waste disposal: If you want us to dispose of the branches left behind from the trimming, this can increase the price.

Based on these factors, our prices for hedge trimming in Wigan are as follows:

Best pris for hekk trimming Oslo
Hedge Length Price (£)
5 metres 75 – 200
10 metres 100 – 300
15 metres 200 – 400
20 metres 300 – 500
25 metres 400 – 600
30 metres 500 – 700

The price will usually be as shown in the table, but each job is different, and costs can vary. Because of this, the prices above are intended to be indicative.

How can we get you a firm price quote for the job?

You can provide us with pictures or a video of your hedge and the surrounding area. We can sometimes provide you with a quote based on this.

Alternatively, we can come and inspect your hedge. This is free of charge.

After we have understood the work you need done, we will furnish you with a written quote. This will outline the price of performing the job, the work to be done, when it will be done, and other important details.

Based on this, you can choose whether you want us to proceed with the work or not. If you decide not to enlist our help, that’s OK and we leave as friends.

Contact us here, and we will arrange a suitable time for an inspection. This is non-binding and entirely free. 👍

019 4238 7170

Free Inspection

Free Inspection

Email Us

Email Us

In addition to this, if you want us to trim multiple hedges, we will give you a bulk discount. 👍

And if you’re interested in learning more about how we can assist you with hedge trimming or removal, our techniques, procedures, our emphasis on safety (and more), you can find all of this on our page about hedge trimming in Wigan.

You can also find more information about hedge trimming prices in Wigan by visiting our Google page.