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Tree Pruning In Wigan

Do you need help with tree pruning in Wigan?

We’ve got you covered!

With over 20 years of experience in nurturing and pruning trees in Wigan, we are well-versed in trimming and pruning all tree types, regardless of the complexity. Also, no job is too big or too small for us.

We understand that not everyone has the time, knowledge, or tools to undertake tree pruning safely and correctly. Pruning trees may also not be your favorite activity.

But we can help you! We have the expertise, skills, and proper equipment to get the job done in a correct and secure manner, and we genuinely enjoy working with trees.

Not only that, but we do the job:




And at the lowest price

Contact us today, and we will schedule a convenient time for a no-cost, non-binding inspection. 👍

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Why You Should Prune Trees

You can consider tree pruning as maintenance. Just like we maintain our homes, cars, bicycles, and other valued possessions, it is also smart to maintain the trees we care for.

The advantages of pruning trees are numerous, including:

Growth stimulation: Pruning a branch correctly serves as a growth stimulant. However, precision is key: Pruning must be done just above the growth nodes on the branches. Consider pruning multiple branches at these points to stimulate robust growth. This technique is particularly effective in balancing the tree’s shape, especially when one side is less robust than the other.

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Increased fruit production: Correct pruning of a fruit tree often leads to the growth of more flower buds, which in turn can cause an abundance of fruits in the fall. Additionally, light pruning during the summer enhances air circulation around the fruits, reducing the likelihood of insect attacks as well as minimizing fruit diseases.

Improved health and extended lifespan: Proper pruning contributes to better tree health. As the tree’s health improves, it becomes more resilient against attacks from insects, fungi, and other potential threats. This can significantly extend the lifespan of the tree.

Shape alteration: Specialized pruning techniques allow us to shape a tree according to your preferences. Whether recreating a tree’s natural form or crafting specific shapes like round or square ones, the end results can be stunning.

Enhanced aesthetics: Trimming away dead, damaged, and unwanted branches significantly improves the tree’s appearance, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Risk reduction: Proper pruning serves as a preventive measure against potential damage to people and buildings from falling branches. In situations where a tree becomes weakened or damaged, proper pruning can prevent potentially disastrous consequences.

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Improved views: The rapid growth of trees and bushes can quickly obstruct views from your favourite deck or balcony. To help with this, we can trim away excess growth. In addition to this, we can perform a crown reduction (trimming the top of a tree) in order to improve your views.

More sunlight: Overgrown vegetation tends to create shade. To invite more sunlight into your space, we can cut away this excessive growth, ensuring a brighter and sunnier environment.

Tree preservation: In cases where a tree is damaged by extreme whether like snow or hail, proper pruning can, in some instances, serve as a life-saving measure. Diligent pruning practices contribute to the tree’s recovery and longevity.

A very important thing: Pruning should not be confused with randomly cutting off branches.

Correct pruning follows specific principles grounded in science. Incorrectly cutting branches or excessively trimming a tree can inflict significant damage, potentially killing the tree.

A general guideline is to avoid trimming more than 1/4 of the branches, as excessive cutting can hinder the tree’s recovery. Additionally, consider that pruning methods often vary for different tree species, meaning that precise timing and techniques may be needed. Understanding these nuances is crucial for proper tree care.

Reliable and fast tree pruning in Wigan

If you require assistance with tree pruning, tree trimming, or overall tree care in or near Wigan, feel free to contact us today. We’re here to help! 👍

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Should You Prune Trees In The Winter Or The Summer?

You should prune trees during winter.


This is because trees go dormant during the winter. This means that they shut down or slow down most of their functions and become less active. They are waiting for warmer temperatures to once again begin growing and reproducing.

When you prune while trees are dormant, you can expect these benefits:

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The trees undergo less stress: As they are in a dormant state, they face less distress from pruning. This pruning also gives your trees plenty of time to heal and recover.

Risk reduction: In winter, insects, fungi, and pathogens frequently also enter a dormant state. Hence, the likelihood of attacks is lower during the winter.

An improved view of the tree’s shape: In winter, when there are no leaves on the tree, it is much easier to see the tree’s shape. As a result, it is easier to pinpoint which branches should be pruned.

Higher fruit production: As mentioned earlier, winter pruning usually results in fruit trees yielding a greater quantity of fruit.

However, people often ask whether it’s acceptable to trim trees in spring or summer.

Our response?

You can conduct “gentle” pruning during the summer or the spring.

Nevertheless, undertaking the “heavy” pruning in the spring or the summer is inadvisable.

You should only prune during spring or summer under particular circumstances. We have listed the most common ones below:

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Extreme weather can damage the tree’s branches, leading to potential property damage when they eventually break off. It is best to trim away these branches.

It is advised to prune branches infected by fungi and insects, or those that have succumbed to disease.

You can also prune trees that have grown too large and are obstructing views or getting in the way.

Once the leaves have fully grown, the tree looks different than it did in the winter months. In spring or summer, you can engage in mild pruning to attain the desired shape for your tree.

Lastly, during spring or summer, it’s possible to gently prune to open up the tree, improve air circulation, and allow more sunlight into the tree.

While you can do light pruning in the spring or the summer, it is advisable to limit trimming as much as possible during the growing season. We also recommend refraining from severe pruning more than once a year.

Engaging in extensive pruning more often than this can severely damage or even kill your tree.

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How Can We Help You With Tree Pruning In Wigan?

The most effective means for us to assist you is by conducting an inspection to evaluate the tree or trees that need attention.

Contact us to arrange a convenient time for a non-binding and completely free inspection! 👍

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Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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You can also send us pictures or videos of the trees you need help with.

After understanding the assignment either from pictures / videos or from the inspection, we’ll furnish you with a written quote detailing the job’s cost, estimated completion time, and all other essential details.

We can usually start within a couple of days after we have an agreement in place.

Upon completion of the tree pruning, you’ll likely find the ground covered with branches. If you want to keep the branches, simply let us know. Alternatively, we can remove them or turn them into wood chips. Just let us know what you would prefer, and we’ll make sure it happens. 👍

Regardless of which option you choose, we’ll always make sure to leave your property in excellent condition.

Our aim is to make the process as safe, professional, quick, and cost-effective for you as possible. We want you to be super happy, and we hope you’ll contact us the next time you need help with tree pruning in Wigan! 👍

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How Will We Prune Your Tree(s)?

Prior to starting the work, understanding why you want your tree pruned is vital.

Do you want us to do a periodic pruning? Is the goal to eliminate branches that could potentially pose harm to your pets, family, or house? Perhaps you want to improve the tree’s shape. Do you have any other preferences that we should know about?

Once we understand your requirements, we can plan and execute in a manner that fits them.

However, our standard approach will be as follows:

Our initial step is to evaluate the size and shape of the tree. Next, we’ll figure out how we want the tree to look when we’re done.

During this evaluation, we will see which branches form the tree’s “skeleton.” We will avoid cutting these branches, as it could damage the tree.

We will start by pruning away damaged and broken branches. It’s best to remove these branches so that they don’t take valuable nutrients and water from the healthy ones.

Following that, we will thin out areas with an abundance of branches, removing those that cross or are in close proximity to one another. This allows better sunlight dispersal throughout the tree and improves air circulation, generally leading to a reduction in attacks from fungi and insects.

Subsequently, we will prune away branches that grow towards the tree’s center. Such branches are often less visually appealing and can interfere with the tree’s optimal structure.

Additionally, we will eliminate branches that might be impeding views from your property or growing too close to buildings, power lines, or cars.

Lastly, we will prune the tree according to any specific shape requirements (round, square, etc.) that you might have.

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As mentioned earlier, we will always make sure not to cut away more than 25% of any tree’s branches to ensure optimal health.

How Much Does Tree Pruning Cost In Wigan?

The price of tree pruning in Wigan is dependent on these four factors:

The amount of work: Pruning eight trees entails a greater workload than pruning a single tree. Consequently, the cost for pruning multiple trees is typically higher. Nonetheless, we offer a quantity discount if you opt to have several trees pruned concurrently.

Tree health: When a tree has been attacked by fungi or insects, the pruning process often demands additional effort. Consequently, the cost of such pruning is typically slightly higher.

Safety considerations: If the tree is in close proximity to power lines or property that could be at risk of damage during pruning, additional safety measures are often necessary. These can slightly increase the costs.

Accessibility: Having easy access to the trees with machinery and equipment helps keep our pricing lower.

Based on these factors, these are our prices for tree pruning in Wigan:

Tree Size
Price (£)
Up to 5 metres 50 – 150
5 – 10 metres 75 – 200
10 – 15 metres 100 – 300
15 – 20 metres 150 – 400
20 – 25 metres 200 – 500
Over 25 metres 250 – 700
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However, it’s crucial to emphasize that each job is unique. Therefore, there might be specific circumstances that could impact pricing. Hence, the prices outlined in the table above are meant to be indicative.

To offer you an accurate price estimate for the job, we need to first understand the scope of the job. To that end, you can either send us images or videos, or we can conduct an inspection.

When we understand exactly what you want done, we will furnish you with a written quote containing a specific price and any other essential details. You can find more details regarding our tree pruning prices in Wigan here.

Feel free to reach out to us for a non-binding and completely free inspection. 👍

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Crown Reduction In Wigan

Trees in Wigan can grow fast, and it doesn’t take long before they reach heights where they might be touching your house or obstructing your views.

In such instances, an easy solution is to trim the top of the tree and prune the upper branches. This process is known as crown reduction.

When a tree is in direct contact with a building, it can introduce undesirable elements, including moisture, fungi, and insects.

While some may contemplate removing the entire tree, opting for a crown reduction is a quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective solution. Additionally, it’s best to only fell trees when absolutely necessary.

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Safety Is Our Top Priority

When pruning trees in Wigan, safety is always our top priority. Before starting any job, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of potential risks. Subsequently, we select methods that we believe reduce the chances of these risks as much as possible.

During tree pruning, we utilise sharp scissors, motorised saws, and other tools that carry potential risks. We are aware of this, and so we always adhere to safe working methods in order to mitigate this risk.

Our workers are covered by both liability insurance and personal injury insurance, and they always use the necessary safety equipment while working.

Please visit our Google page for more information about tree pruning in Wigan.