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Wood Chipping In Wigan

Do you have trees, branches, bushes, or other wood that you need to dispose of in Wigan?

The process of removing, transporting, and disposing of this unwanted wood can be both time-consuming and labour-intensive.

Fortunately, there’s a simpler solution!

We can bring our wood chipper and transform this wood into wood chips in no time. This this makes the process easy, quick and cost-effective. Also, the wood chips have several practical applications. 👍

We have the capability to process all kinds of trees, branches, and any other wood-based materials.

Not only that, but we do the job:




And at the lowest price

Contact us today to arrange a convenient time for an inspection. This inspection is non-binding and completely free. 👍

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When Is Wood Chipping The Right Choice?

There are many good reasons for grinding branches and trees into woodchips. We have listed a few of the main ones below:

After having cut down a tree, what do you do with it? You could chop it into firewood; however, this requires a large amount of time and effort. Transporting and disposing of it is also a labour-intensive task. If your primary goal is to get rid of it, using a wood chipper to convert everything into woodchips is a cheap, fast, and simple solution.

You may encounter a similar situation after pruning several trees, hedges, bushes, etc. The quickest and most cost-effective way to dispose of these branches and twigs, is often to turn it into wood chips.

A few years ago, it would have been common to burn all this. However, this can be harmful to the environment, and there are rules against it. Wood chipping is an environmentally friendly alternative.

These woodchips are first-class, organic mulch that you can use for gardening.

You can also use the woodchips to cover small paths and walkways in your garden.

Some companies that make pressed wood or biofuel may also buy the woodchips from you.

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How Can We Help You With Wood Chipping In Wigan?

Step one is for you to let us know about your requirements. You can send us photos or videos of the job, along with an explanation of what you want to accomplish. Alternatively, we can conduct an on-site inspection to assess the job.

This inspection is totally free of charge and non-binding. Simply contact us using the details below to arrange a convenient time! 👍

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Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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After we have understood the scope of the job, we will provide you with a written quote. This quote will outline the cost of performing the work, the estimated duration to complete it, and any other information you need.

Typically, we can start the work within a couple of days of having an agreed-upon contract.

If you wish to keep the wood chips, they’re yours. Alternatively, if you’d like us to take them away, we will do so. Whatever your preferences are, we’ll make it happen.

Before finishing the project, we will clean up after us and leave your property in a nice condition.

Our goal is to execute the work as safely, quickly, professionally, and cost-efficiently for you as possible. We hope you will be super happy, and we want you to choose us again the next time you need help. 👍

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How Do We Transform Trees And Branches Into Woodchips?

To accomplish this, we employ a powerful machine known as a wood chipper. It’s capable of processing all kinds of wood, even whole trees.

How does it work?

We simply feed the wood into one end of the machine. Inside the wood chipper, the wood is ground by sharp steel milling wheels. The woodchips come out the other end, neatly ground into small pieces, where they are usually caught in a container.

The woodchips are usually 2-5 cm, but we can adjust the size if required.

How Much Does Wood Chipping Cost In Wigan?

The cost of wood chipping will primarily depend on the volume of wood you want processed.

Furthermore, the hardness of certain types of wood may influence the price.

Easy access to the wood with our wood chipper can also be a contributing factor.

Taking into account these factors, our costs of wood chipping in Wigan are as follows:

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Wood Type & Quantity Cost (£)
50 cubic feet branches
100 – 300
100 cubic feet branches
200 – 500
7 metre pine
200 – 400
15 metre pine
400 – 600
7 metre oak 300 – 500
15 metre oak
500 – 800

It is important for us to point out that every job is unique. As a result, the prices above are indicative and can vary depending on various factors.

Because of this, it is important to get a quote from us. You can either send us photos or videos of the job with a description or contact us below for an inspection.

Our inspections are non-binding and always free of charge. 👍

019 4238 7170

Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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Email Us

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Safety is our top priority when we do woodchipping.

A wood chipper is a potent machine that efficiently grinds up everything it’s fed. Because of this, we thoroughly check any wood before we feed it into the chipper and make sure that it’s handled correctly and with control.

Our workers have both liability and personal injury insurance and are always equipped with the necessary safety equipment when working.

Furthermore, we use safe job analysis to identify risks and make sure all of our assignments are safe. This helps us ensure that we are sticking to safe working methods and reducing risk wherever possible.

For more information about wood chipping in Wigan, please visit our Google page.