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Stump Grinding In Wigan

Need help removing a tree stump?

We’ve got you covered!

No matter the size, type, or condition of the tree stump, we can handle it.

With over 20 years of experience with stump grinding in Wigan, we’re eager to assist you.

We understand that removing a challenging tree stump with an axe and pry bar can be strenuous and time-consuming. It can also result in an aching back and swollen hands, making it a less-than-enjoyable activity.

However, we can take care of it for you. With our reliable stump grinder, the job becomes effortless, and the result will be great.

Not only that, but we do the job:




And at the lowest price

Contact us today, and we will schedule a convenient time for a free, non-binding inspection. 👍

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What Are The Primary Reasons For Removing A Tree Stump ?

Do you find yourself with an old tree stump stuck in the middle of your lawn? Perhaps you’ve recently had to remove a tree, and now you’ve got the leftover stump.

What are your plans for the stump? Will you leave it as is, or do you wish to remove it?

There are many reasons for wanting a tree stump removed. These are a few of the most common ones:

A tree stump left in the middle of a garden or lawn can make it look untidy.

Trying to garden or mow the lawn around a tree stump can be a pain.

Children playing or people walking can easily trip over the stump.

A tree stump will often reduce the value of a property.

You might want to use the area for a new tree, plant, deck, or other structure.

The roots could still be alive, despite the tree being cut down. They could continue to grow and damage water pipes, or the tree could even begin to regrow from the stump.

Termites, beetles, and other unwanted insects could make their home in the stump. Once they’re there, they can easily spread to other buildings.

Fungus and mould both love tree stumps. These can cause harm to people, pets, and spread to nearby buildings.

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How Can We Help You With Stump Removal In Wigan?

Before we start, we need to understand the job that you want us to assist you with.

There are two ways we can understand the assignment:

You can either send us photos or a video of the tree stump(s), accompanied by a brief description. In certain instances, this can be sufficient for us to understand the scope.

Alternatively, we can conduct an in-person inspection.

Our inspection is completely free and non-binding. Simply use the ‘Free Inspection’ option below to arrange a suitable time. 👍

019 4238 7170

Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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Once we understand the best approach for removing the tree stump (or stumps), we will furnish you with a written quote for the job. This quote will outline the cost, the estimated duration of the task, the proposed starting date, and any other important details you need.

Typically, we can start the job within a couple of days after we have an agreement.

And upon completion of the job, we will ensure a thorough cleanup, leaving your property in very nice condition.

Our goal is to conduct the work with a focus on safety, professionalism, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. We aspire to leave you super happy with our services, and so that you hopefully reach out to us the next time you require assistance with any tree services. 👍

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How Do We Remove Your Tree Stump?

The most effective method for tree stump removal is typically by using a machine known as a stump grinder.

Utilizing a stump grinder is fast, simple, and highly effective, and the end result is normally great. However, we can also use other tools if the situation requires it.

How does a stump grinder work?

A stump grinder is a machine featuring a rotating milling wheel (a steel disc with sharp teeth) positioned at the front. When this milling wheel is pressed into the tree stump, it effectively grinds the stump into small wood chips.

We usually grind a tree stump down to around 30 cm below ground level. If you need us to remove it even deeper, just let us know. Additionally, we can extract the most extensive roots upon your request.

What happens once the stump has been removed?

At that point, there is a noticeable hole in the ground.

Typically, we fill the hole with wood chips from the tree stump. The final 10 centimeters are then filled with the same material that is surrounding the hole.

For instance, if there is a lawn surrounding where the stump was, we fill the last ten centimeters of the hole with soil. This ensures a smooth surface, and within a few weeks, grass will grow to erase any signs of the tree stump.

If you prefer a different filling material, that’s not an issue. Let us know your preference, and we’ll be sure to accommodate your request. 👍

Although a stump grinder is a powerful machine, we do our best to ensure minimal disturbance to the surrounding area and soil.

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How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost In Wigan?

Even though the removal of a tree stump is a relatively straightforward and simple task, the price will depend on these factors:

How big the stump is: A larger stump usually requires more time and effort to remove than a smaller one.

Accessibility: Having easy access to the tree stump with our machinery helps us keep costs low.

How old the stump is: Old stumps are usually softer as they have already started rotting. This helps us keep the cost down as it is easier to grind.

Soil type: It’s normal for some soil to enter the stump grinder. If this soil contains rocks, it can dull the machine, which can lead to higher costs.

Type of wood: Some species of hardwood, like oak and birch, are harder to grind than softer woods like spruce or pine. This can take longer and increase costs.

Root system: If you want us to remove the largest roots as well, this can increase costs.

Finishing up: Our standard practice is to fill the hole with wood chips from the root and then a layer of soil on top. If you want a different topping, this could lead to different costs.

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Based on those factors, these are our prices for stump removal in Wigan:

Diameter (cm) Price (£)
Up to 20 150
21 – 30  175
31 – 40 200
41 – 50 225
51 – 60 250
61 – 70 275
71 – 80 300
81 – 90 325
91 – 100 350
101 – 110 375
111 – 120 400

However, since each job is unique, the cost of removing your tree stump may be higher or lower than indicated. Therefore, the prices above are meant to be indicative.

Should you wish to remove more than one stump, we can also provide you with a bulk discount. 👍

You can find more information about prices for stump grinding in Wigan here.

Feel free to use the contact details below to arrange a suitable time for an inspection. Our inspection is non-binding and entirely free of charge. 👍

019 4238 7170

Free Inspection

Free Inspection

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Safety Is Our Top Priority

Safety holds the utmost priority for us when undertaking any assignment. Before commencing stump grinding, we conduct a thorough assessment of the situation to identify potential dangers and risks.

Given that a stump grinder is a highly powerful machine, mishandling it can potentially result in significant damage to property and people. Following our assessment, we determine the optimal course of action to ensure the job is efficient but also as safe as possible.

Our workers are covered by liability and personal injury insurance, and they always use the required safety equipment when working.

This approach allows us to conduct stump grinding safely, minimizing risks and danger as much as possible.

For additional information on stump grinding in Wigan, please visit our Google page.